Raining in paradise

Je viens de découvrir cette nouvelle perle de Manu Chao : Raining in Paradise
Voici les paroles, je me suis juste permise d'ajouter un couplet vers la fin, qui dit mieux?:)

In Zaire, Was no good place to be
Free world go crazy, it?s an atrocity

In Congo, Still no good place to be
They killed Mibali, it?s a calamity

Go Maasai go Maasai be mellow, Go Maasai
go Maasai be sharp (2x)

In Monrovia, this no good place to be
Weapon go crazy, it?s an atrocity

In Palestina, too much hypocricy
This world go crazy, it's no fatality

Go Maasai go Maasai be mellow, Go Maasai
go Maasai be sharp (2x)

Today it?s raining (4x), in paradise
Today it?s raining (4x)

In Baghdad, it's no democracy
That?s just because, it?s a US Country

In Fallujah, too much calamity
This world go crazy, it's no fatality

Go Maasai go Maasai be mellow, Go Maasai
go Maasai be sharp (2x)

Today it?s raining (4x)

In Jerusalem, in Monrovia, Guinea-Bissau,
today it's raining (3x)

Welcome to paradise, Come to the fairy lies
Welcome to paradise
Today it's raining (4x) fade out

In Tunisie, too much precarity
mafia go crazy, is it fatality?

Welcome to paradise..

11 commentaires:

Profilo a dit…

c toi qui a ajouté la tunisie ou c'est vraiment lui!!!!car dans ce cas je crois qu il se trompe un peu en nous mettant dans le meme sac que Monrovia jerusalem ou congo.
Mais je pense que c'est un intrus bien malin:)

Zoubeir a dit…

@marsoise:plein dans la mire! bravo!!!.

Lowe a dit…

In Tunisia immorality... for nothing you become guilty...

النسر الأسود a dit…


بالله واحد من الوخيّان يعمل طلّة على المدوّنة متاعي ويقول لي اذا مازالت مفتوحة من تونس والاّ حطّولها القفل

وماذا بيكم تعملوا طلّة على آخر مستجدّات اضراب الجوع متاع ميّة الجريبي ونجيب الشابّي كان مازلتم ماسمعتوش بيه

بعد اذنكم، باش نعمل شويّة "بروباقندا" ..من أجل تونس

للّي في تونس: هذي 3 روابط لازم واحدة منهم باش تخطف:




تحيى تونس الحرّة

Lowe a dit…

Ethanna yé sidi, Ta7t El Yasmina Fillil mezel ma7loul, w'ri7et el yasmine tfa7fa7 w'Allah m'salli 3annibi...

elgreco a dit…

merci du partage
et @ tantôy j'espère...

Bubble a dit…

In belgica, they kill their own country
They are not happy
People dont want unity


Anonyme a dit…

slt la marsoise.j abit pa tro loin.

3amrouch a dit…

heureux que tu a enfin refais surface.
aller donne nous de tes nouvelles.

david santos a dit…

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Anonyme a dit…

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